Salesforce.com prevents Microsoft from growing... News at 11.

Alright, in not quite the way we were all expecting... but Microsoft is closing up shop and moving out.

"While the company is looking at all its options, including growing at One Market, it may be forced to leave because of space limitations there. Salesforce.com (NYSE:CRM) has been aggressively gobbling up all the space available in the building and would like to expand even more."

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I'll admit, I'm going to miss seeing someone hit "2" in the elevator then saying things like "Did you hear what that prospect said about how unusable Microsoft CRM 3.0 reporting is? They said they had to use Excel!" followed by obnoxious uncontrollable laughter until they get off on the Microsoft floor. And, on a side note, it's one damn floor up from the lobby - can't they just take the stairs?


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